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Patio Tile Cleaning and Block Paving Cleaning

Moss can grow in between the tiles in your patio and block paving in your driveway. Also dirt from car tires gets deposited on to your driveway which can make your block paving or tarmac dirty. We offer patio cleaning and block paving cleaning for driveways and garden patios making them clean and look like new.

We use high pressure washers that can remove moss from your patios and block paving without any problems. The pressure from the washers gets under the moss and dirt and lifts it up leaving your patio or block paving mossless and clean.

Conservatory Cleaning

After a while conservatory windows can get all grimy and it can take all day to get it clean. For us at it can take just a morning to get your conservatory windows and frames to a shining clean state.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

It can be a tough job trying to keep swimming pool maintenance going throughout the summer and after a while grime builds up on the walls and can take alot of effort to get clean again. We offer a swimming pool cleaning service for both below and above ground swimming pools. We can come round and clean your pool with our pressured water systems in no time at all. While we are at it we can also include swimming pool patio cleaning as part of the the pool maintenance service.

Get Clean With us !

These outstanding stone surfaces can really make your property beautiful - they come in variety of shades And styles - again we can guide you through all the Options - this really isnt complicated - its a matter Of choice and preference these sample pictures show How blank land can be transformed

These stones are suitable for patios

All types of gates ! - we can ! Installed by expert tradesmen ! From small residential to commercial to protect your property

We can also re coat existing garden woodwork to protect your Fencing and gates saving you money for years to come !

Walls - We make them ! Many different styles colours and shapes from walls to protect your property to Garden Features they come in  all shapes, sizes, Designs and colours !!! We can help you choose Making the best of your property   We can also rebuild, repair and render your existing installation saving You money - it may not be possible to match your current colour and style But we will try ! . We can also rebuild foundations add gates etc